Oracle definition
JDBC Connector (Java Database Connectivity Connector) definition
extent definition
metainformation definition
metadata repository definition
AS2 (Applicability Statement 2) definition
Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) definition
Java Data Objects (JDO) definition
Oracle Database 12C definition
CFML (ColdFusion Markup Language) definition
Oracle Mobile Security Suite (OMSS) definition
Pick definition
bioinformatics definition
JOLAP (Java Online Analytical Processing) definition
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne definition
distributed database definition
Real Application Cluster (RAC) definition
Exadata definition
dynamic SQL (Dynamic Structured Query Language) definition
delimiter definition
PL/SQL (procedural language extension to Structured Query Language) definition
Oracle Big Data Appliance definition
virtual (federated) database definition
splay tree definition
relational online analytical processing (ROLAP) definition
Good Automated Laboratory Practices (GALP) definition
repository definition
quad tree definition
responsibility definition
E. F. Codd (Edgar F. “Ted” Codd) definition
flexfield definition
Oracle Communications Network Charging and Control (OCNCC) definition
Oracle Database In-Memory definition
Oracle Fusion Applications definition
virtual private database (VPD) definition
Z39.50 definition
foreign key (foreign keyword) definition
metabase (metadatabase or metadata repository) definition
Very Large Database (VLDB) definition
row definition
multidimensional database (MDB) definition
field definition
concurrent processing definition
DSML (Directory Services Markup Language) definition
10g definition
Oracle NoSQL Database definition
operational data store (ODS) definition
Query by Example (QBE) definition
correlated subquery definition
The Open Group definition
stored procedure definition
object-oriented database management system (OODBMS or ODBMS) definition
Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) definition
autonomous transaction definition
Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database definition
record definition
normalization definition
Quiz: Database Basics definition
SQL Server definition
data mining definition
database definition
catalog definition
OLE DB (OLEDB or Object Linking and Embedding Database) definition
commit definition
columnstore index definition
database administrator (DBA) definition
data mart (datamart) definition
data preprocessing definition
rollback definition
ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) definition
Versioned Object Base (VOB) definition
Microsoft GeoFlow definition
hashing definition
CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) definition
ODL (Open and Distance Learning) definition
database management system (DBMS) definition
Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) definition
Microsoft PowerPivot definition
binary tree definition
BLOB (binary large object) definition
Yukon definition
Database: Glossary definition
entity-relationship model (ERM or ER model) definition
schema definition
GIS (geographic information system) definition
hybrid online analytical processing (HOLAP or Hybrid OLAP) definition
pivot table definition
DAO (Data Access Objects) definition
Microsoft SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) definition
EDM (Electronic Document Management) definition
SVVP (server virtualization validation program) definition
T-SQL (Transact-SQL) definition
replication definition
intelligent database definition
SQL Server 2014 definition
SQL Azure definition
SQL (Structured Query Language) definition
full-text database definition
application server definition
DDBMS (distributed database management system) definition

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